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Standard Breakdown Of Fire Mitigation

8/4/2022 (Permalink)

When one of our customers calls for fire damage restoration, the team at SERVPRO of Uptown Buena Park, jumps to action to help make it "Like it never even happened."  How do we do it?  Here is a six step breakdown of a standard fire mitigation.


Before any work can be started, we must be certain that the structure is safe to enter.  Sometimes, a fire inspector must clear the site before any work may begin.

Inspection and Air Quality

Air quality is a major concern that will need to be addressed after a fire.  Air scrubbers and air movers are utilized to clean the air and help remove airborne particles that could otherwise continue attaching to and staining surfaces and causing lingering odor.  

Debris Removal

Before any water or fire mitigation can begin, soot and debris must be removed from the structure.  Soot can cause additional damage the longer it remains on surfaces.  It should be removed as quickly as possible along with any debris that will impede the remaining cleanup process.  Soot and soot webs can be removed by sweeping and utilizing HEPA vacuums.  

Content Removal

All items that are too damaged to repair should be removed from the structure as well as items that are to be restored, cleaned, and stored until the structure is fully restored and they may be moved back into the home or business.

Water Removal, Dehumidification, and Demolition

Standing water should be removed as soon as possible.  Wet materials will then either be removed or dried in place utilizing air movers and commercial grade dehumidifiers.  Mold and mildew can grow quickly in these conditions, so professionally drying the structure is very important.

Content Evaluation

Some items will be unsalvageable after a fire.  Others, however, will be able to be deep cleaned and deodorized.  Restoration professionals will evaluate the contents of your home or business to make this determination.  Priority items will be discussed with the property owner.  Oftentimes, it may be more cost effective to replace a damaged item, but the item may hold sentimental value.  In these cases, the decision might be made to attempt cleaning the item.

SERVPRO of Uptown Buena Park who will assist with each step of the fire restoration process.  If you suffer this type of loss, please call 708-571-4482 for assistance.  We are here to help.

Just Wanting Everyone To Be Prepared

8/4/2022 (Permalink)

These august months are primitive to receiving tornado warning's and severe weather emergency notifications, SERVPRO of Uptown Buena Park wants you to be prepared. We want to share some tips, to keep in mind when putting together an emergency kit, in the event a storm is approaching. Your storm kit should include but not limit:

  • Flashlight
  • Extra batteries
  • First aid kit
  • Emergency food and water
  • Any medicine you may need
  • Extra change of clothes

These are just some things we recommend that you should have in your kit. However, you may put in whatever you deem necessary. There should be an emergency kit in every residential space, also in all commercial properties. There should also be designated storm areas inside your home or office that you should go with your emergency kits.

SERVPRO of Uptown Buena Park wants you to be well prepared in any situation!

Three Levels of Commercial Damage

8/3/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Uptown, Buena Park specializes in handling all damage to commercial properties including water, fire, mold, or even property damage after a storm. We understand that no matter what the damage is, it is a stressful time for you.

We are able to use a tool to assess the damage to your property and begin the mitigation process. This tool is a grading system. Commercial properties are graded on a scale from one to three based on size of affected area and extent of the damage that has been done.

Level 1:

level one commercial losses involve properties with affected areas of around 15,000 square feet give or take. Examples of a level one loss would include but not limit: small warehouses, small churches, or a stand-alone restaurant.

Level 2:

A level two loss is usually for affected areas of around 15,000 - 60,000 square feet. Examples could include small multi-family homes, medium size churches or schools, small shopping center, or medium size warehouse.

Level 3:

Level three commercial losses are properties of 60,000+ affected area. These may include, but are not limited to, large buildings such as hospitals, schools, warehouses.

Uptown Buena Park soot clean-up

8/3/2022 (Permalink)

After a fire, the damage by smoke and different types of smoke and soot residue can make cleanup complicated. It is important to understand the different types of smoke and soot.  The type of residue will greatly affect the restoration process.  The professionals at SERVPRO of Uptown Buena Park are well trained in identifying and cleaning these various varieties of damage.

Wet Smoke (Plastic and Rubber) 

Low heat, smoldering, pungent odor, sticky and smeary. Smoke webs are more difficult to clean.

Dry Smoke (Paper and Wood) 

Fast- burning, high temperatures.  Heat rises, therefore smoke rises.

Protein Fire Residue 

Virtually invisible, discolors paints and varnishes, extreme pungent odor.

Fuel Oil Soot (Furnace puff backs) 

While “puff backs” can create havoc for homeowners, in most cases the contents and structure are quickly restorable.

Other Types  (Tear gas, fingerprint powder, and fire extinguisher residue) 

Special loss situations require special care and a unique plan for restoration.

If you are in need of assistance after fire or other smoke damage, please don’t hesitate to call SERVPRO of Uptown Buena Park  We are here to truly make it “Like it never even happened.”


Water Mitigation

8/3/2022 (Permalink)

When your property sustains water damage, it's important to act quickly.

When you have water damage, SERVPRO of Uptown Buena Park's six-step reconstruction process will help you, get your home back to its pre-damage state.

1.) First Point of Contact in an Emergency

You can reach us 24 hours a day to start the water restoration process it's critical to act quickly after water damage. When you call, we'll ask you a series of questions to get a sense of the extent of the damage and to help us decide which resource's to send to you.

2.) Inspection and Damage Evaluation

When we arrive on the scene to work with water damage, we'll conduct a thorough property assessment to determine the extent of the damage and devise a comprehensive plan of action. 

3.) Extraction of Moisture

Our vacuum and pump units can remove the majority of the moisture during the water extraction process. We'll get started as soon as possible to minimize the risk of more damage and speed up the drying process. In the event that your belongings are destroyed, we may also assist you in moving them out.

4.) Drying and Dehumidifying

We may begin drying all porous materials that have accumulated water after the excess water has been extracted. Our industrial-grade equipment moves air quickly and aids moisture evaporation, allowing floors, walls, and carpets to dry quickly and prevent mold growth.

5.) Cleaning and Maintenance

Surfaces that have been affected by water damage will almost always need skilled cleaning. We can clean your belongings that can be restored in addition to the structural cleaning. We'll also do odor removal to avoid the musty odor that sometimes comes with water-damaged products.

6.) Restoration

The final step is to make sure your home is back to its pre-water state. Repairs to drywall and flooring, as well as reconstruction, might be necessary. Working with us means working with a company who can manage any aspect of the renovation, including the complicated reconstruction pieces that return items to their pre-damaged state.

We Are Ready When You Need Us The Most

7/16/2022 (Permalink)

We are available 24 Hours a day for all of your Water Emergencies, large or small. When dealing with water damage, time is critical. The slightest delay can cause further damage. 

We understand that dealing with water in your home or business can be overwhelming, but know that once SERVPRO of Uptown Buena Park has arrived, you can relax! We specialize in Water Restoration and we have trained technicians that will get the job done! 

When you call us, our team will walk you through every step of the process, making it like it never even happened! 

Call us at 708-571-4482